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Letter to Louisa

Write a letter to Louisa Gradgrind trying to make her feel better for what has happened to her in her life.

  • This is a letter to Louisa while she is married to Mr Bounderby and is in the midst of her crisis. 
  • The purpose of this letter is to help her escape all of the confines (societal, parental, institutional and geographical) that restrict her happiness. 
  • This letter should remind her of the natural remedies that exist within her, but need to be engaged from a power that is currently beyond her. 

Dear Louisa,

Have you noticed the moon tonight? If you haven’t, look out of your window, or walk into the street. Detangle your eyes from the lurid street lamps and squint through the smog. Stand near nature and take a deep breath. Venture beyond the strait-laced sidewalk. Pretend you’re a vine, growing unrestrained; I urge you to grow twisted, or in coils, wildly, naturally and whimsically. Grow long or short. Grow all the way out of the town, out of the country and into the sky! Swing effortlessly from star to star, creating a beautiful tangled mess. I dare you to venture beyond your mind and this town as you sit with the man on the moon. Oh and ask him why the sky owns the moon?

Was there a party? and all of the Goddesses were dancing amongst the spinning planets, flowing between the glowing stars practising their perfect waltz? I wonder if they used Mars to rouge their cheeks and paint their lips… One must’ve dropped her broach and that’s what’s sitting in our sky! Or was Amphitrite juggling her nacreous pearls deep in the sapphire ocean but accidentally threw one too high? 

Now I dare you to speak these dreams aloud.  It’s scary, and you might feel alone but Sissy has been to the moon I’m sure she’d love to talk about it. She’s never been allowed to talk about it. I always wonder how she has been able to hold that secret within her. More. people should go to the moon! Louisa go talk to her, properly and genuinely for the first time in both of your lives dream out loud together.

If you ever feel like you are drowning in the smoke or shivering in the snow try to look for what you have been taught to forget.

Question the facts that people have told you is the truth.  Believe in yourself more than the systems and people around you. Shed the bleached goggles that you have grown up with, and let the colours of  your iris mix with the sky and nature and the sea. Find time, nay- make time to take time!

Louisa, things will get better. Shed the heavy weight that you carry with you, unburden yourself from other people’s control. And if you can’t find Sissy, or find it within yourself, look at the moon again, gaze it long and hard. I’ll be there… we can be united by the moon.

Have faith in things that can do more than generate definitions. 
Have faith and endure things pastorally. 

Warm regards, 



3 thoughts on “Letter to Louisa

  1. Hi Victoria, Wow! I have read through many letters to Louisa and yours sticks out to me by far. Immediately I am drawn into your blog with your use of the question “have you noticed the moon tonight”? Straight away I am catapulted into the peaceful tone that your letter proceeds to maintain throughout its entirety and this is exactly the kind of comfort that Louisa would have needed. I love how you have taken the approach of wanting to distract Louisa instead of reminding her of her troubles. You cleverly achieved this through cosmic questions; forcing Louisa to step way beyond the things that are in front of her. I love the imagery that you have utilised to do this, especially the concept of the goddesses dancing around the spinning planets. To me this brings an almost dream-like presence to your blog, further accentuating its peaceful tone. Your use of verbs throughout to draw in the reader are also extremely alluring. I found myself fixated on the words “detangle”, “squint”, “spinning” and “dare”, allowing me to be thrown into the rhythm of your blog. I like how in the end you have subtly captured some of the context of the Victorian Era through your reference of “facts” and “systems”, however, I would have loved to have seen you subtly contextualise a little more throughout to further link your letter to the novel and perhaps make your blog ever longer. Other than that, this is an amazing and very creative blog. Keep up the good work!


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